Earlier this week, an Irishman declared that he was going to conduct a ‘Walk of Shame’ on Apple’s behalf, after he waited over a week (a previous incident with another Mac resulted in 9 weeks of delays) for them to pickup his iMac for repairs. The idea behind the walk was that he could deliver the iMac ON FOOT to the nearest Apple service center in Cork (we assume that’s far from Dublin) faster than Apple themselves could be bothered to collect it. Article here.

Smart man. He probably never intended to actually do it, and didn’t need to y his own admission, as “[Apple is] only interested in how negative publicity affects [its] sales and share price. Apple only seems to respond to customer concerns when direct action is taken to highlight [its] failings.”

The man has since received an apology over the phone, and had a replacement iMac delivered within 90 minutes. Score! I think we’re beginning to see the final outcome of the citizen-media movement:
Brand Ransoming.