TED Talks now on Google Video

September 7, 2006

The TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) conference’s legendary “TED Talks” series of speeches and presentations are now available through Google Video. Here is a link to the announcement on the official Google Blog.

This should be a valuable resource for any thinking person, and one I’m particularly excited to see is Al Gore’s speech on global warming, the subject matter of the film, An Inconvenient Truth.

The first batch of eight include Al Gore’s compelling story of climate crisis; Hans Rosling’s inspired interpretation of global public health statistics; Sir Ken Robinson’s vision for an education system that values creativity; MacArthur Foundation prize-winner Majora Carter’s commitment to environmental justice; storyteller Julia Sweeney’s quest for a sensible faith; architect Joshua Prince-Ramus’ tour of the new Seattle Public Library; Tony Robbins’ roadmap for human potential; and David Pogue’s unforgettable technology-inspired show tunes.


A committed individual has modelled FLW’s Kaufmann House in 3D using the map development tools provided with (the game) Half-Life 2. The results, seen in the YouTube video above or in high-res WMV here, put most architectural visualizations to shame. One comment on YouTube expresses a desire to see long-destroyed architecture rendered in a similar fashion.

More on this at the UCL Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis’ blog:

Using the Source Engine, as opposed to more traditional Architectural Software, allows the use of dynamic lighting and a real-time walkthrough of the scene in high resolution. The movie demonstrates the quality of Half Life for visualisation using both a standard walkthrough and half way through a fly-through using the Half Life ‘Noclip’ option.


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Very nice work by Eric Deschamps. Hire the guy.

[via Sunboar]

Apparently executed by Banksy, Earth’s Graffiti God, one imagines that tagging this wall was only, say, a hundred times more difficult that doing Air Force One.

8 more at the source. [blogiseverything.com]

Shots of a redesigned Megatron from the upcoming Transformers movie have hit the net, and they aren’t pretty. And since the shadowy teaser trailer doesn’t give much away about the look of our old friends, we may as well start assuming that all of them are being designed around rejected tattoo motifs by the guys from Miami Ink.

Do take note that Megatron is no longer a “gun”. He is now an “alien jet”. Thanks, Michael. This ranks up there with killing Grace Stamper’s dad! *sob*