Kate Moss!

September 5, 2006

Who cares about Banksy tampering with Paris Hilton CDs, putting out a ho-hum message that wasn’t news to anyone? Who cares about opportunistic Johnny Walker ads in bombed-out Lebanon?

My friends, today we have something better to report in adland: Kate Moss in lingerie.

She’s scheduled to appear in 4 shorts for Agent Provocateur, delivered over their website. The first is out now. The third will have her going naked. Well, that isn’t news either for Kate, but goddamned if it isn’t going to be an interesting wait. They were shot by Mike Figgis.

Agent Provocateur site [via AdLand]


Shots of a redesigned Megatron from the upcoming Transformers movie have hit the net, and they aren’t pretty. And since the shadowy teaser trailer doesn’t give much away about the look of our old friends, we may as well start assuming that all of them are being designed around rejected tattoo motifs by the guys from Miami Ink.

Do take note that Megatron is no longer a “gun”. He is now an “alien jet”. Thanks, Michael. This ranks up there with killing Grace Stamper’s dad! *sob*