Enter the Copywriter

September 15, 2006

We apologize for the stale air around here, but it’s been a busy fortnight for us here at IBN. To make up for it, we bring you this awesomely funny (if you’re in advertising) kungfu overdub video done by some guys at McCann. They had an internal contest, and if this effort didn’t win gold, I’d like to see what did. From what we can guess, the objective was to spoof life at the agency with mention of clients and internal politicking. It’s even in Cantonese for extra comedic points!

Worth mentioning is the bit where copywriter and art director fight over the rights to an abandoned TV spot, to beef up their stagnating portfolios.

[via Russell Davis]


Dummy Copy Blooper

September 5, 2006

An observant rag reader noticed that Star Magazine’s website let loose a story about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi being involved in a car crash… before they had the story. The article online was just a file photo and Lorem Ipsum dummy copy.

Remember to proof your work twice today, kids!


An email is pleading on the Campaign Brief (Aus) blog to be passed around amongst copywriters and Creatives, so that it can rally together a movement to save the written word in advertising. Whatever. I think it would help if credited writer Titus Upputuru (tragic-heroic name alert!) actually wrote this cry for help a little better. Some googling reveals that he is Creative Director for Copy(!) at O&M, India. Still, it’s a message that can’t be repeated enough. We need to keep Print and Copy relevant, now more than ever.

An open letter to advertising copyrwiters(sic) throughout the region, from Titus Upputuru, from WordSociety, New Delhi, India:

This letter is from one Copywriter to another.

I was going through the results of the award shows this year and
was saddened to notice a death.

The Word has almost disappeared.

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