Sony’s new Bravia ad has hit the interweb, but I can’t be the only one who isn’t feeling it. The paint splashes look fake, there’s a clown running in it for little reason, and what’s up with that end shot? Not even a hail of color can make some bombed out suburb of Scotland look good, but to end on a poorly-composed askew frame of a playground with hardly discernable drops of colored paint raining down has got to be sheer fuck-it laziness.


Very odd little piece of work for the ol’ Scotch whiskey. Visiting the mentioned site at indicates that it’s currently only targeted at South American territories.

Oh dear. It appears Sony hasn’t stopped at copying Nintendo’s Wii controller with its own SIXAXIS controller for the PS3, they’ve even gone and taken the base idea behind Nintendo’s “School’s Out” ad and deformed it into a PS3 teaser called “The Wait is Over”. The result is horrendously boring and derivative.

I think it’s a telling fact for the future of the two consoles that Nintendo’s is lighthearted and engaging fun, while Sony’s is overladen with the ambition of being cool and stylish, but ultimately dull.

See for yourself:

Sony Playstation 3: The Wait is Over

Nintendo: School’s Out

Making of School’s Out

BBC Radio 2 ad

October 10, 2006

Elvis, in concert with Jimmy Page, Marvin Gaye, Noel Gallagher, Keith Moon, Sheryl Crow, The Sugababes (wtf), and Stevie Wonder. Nicely done!