Call me unprofessional and easy, but I just love it when a company takes the wind out of your argument by saying everything you think is wrong with them, and agrees with you. It doesn’t change the fact that the following promises will always sound like hot air and unbelievable lies, but it sure is great to watch! Sorta like a public flogging.

I love it even better when a client approves writing that does what bloody writing is supposed to do in the first place, get some fucking attention!


UBrander is a new site that promises to provide “higher ed marketing answers in 500 words or less.” For free. While of no use to some of you, this may be an invaluable resource for those who pay no attention, do no homework, and are yet destined to one day be at the helm of large global accounts they don’t understand. I kid, I kid. Well-written information is always a valuable asset.

Samples: How do I create a Brand Marketing Plan (BMP)?
Are Logos and Brands the same thing? No.