Music Video + Advertising

February 26, 2007

Music video, “I.N.G.”, by Japanese hip-hop group Rip Slyme. It’s part music video, part commercial, and part joke on marketing teams. Someone at Sony music must have encouraged them to place the new vaio laptops in their video, and they decided to just make the whole damned thing about vaios. The ending is especially funny.


Dummy Copy Blooper

September 5, 2006

An observant rag reader noticed that Star Magazine’s website let loose a story about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi being involved in a car crash… before they had the story. The article online was just a file photo and Lorem Ipsum dummy copy.

Remember to proof your work twice today, kids!


An email is pleading on the Campaign Brief (Aus) blog to be passed around amongst copywriters and Creatives, so that it can rally together a movement to save the written word in advertising. Whatever. I think it would help if credited writer Titus Upputuru (tragic-heroic name alert!) actually wrote this cry for help a little better. Some googling reveals that he is Creative Director for Copy(!) at O&M, India. Still, it’s a message that can’t be repeated enough. We need to keep Print and Copy relevant, now more than ever.

An open letter to advertising copyrwiters(sic) throughout the region, from Titus Upputuru, from WordSociety, New Delhi, India:

This letter is from one Copywriter to another.

I was going through the results of the award shows this year and
was saddened to notice a death.

The Word has almost disappeared.

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WSJ uncovers YouTube stats

September 1, 2006

The Wall Street Journal has done some educated guesstimating and figures YouTube holds about 45 terabytes of video, and that visitors have spent about 9300 man-years watching said video content so far. That’s made up of about 6 million videos, with a growth of 20% each month.

If/when YouTube collapses under the strain of their multimillion dollar bandwidth bill, it’ll be interesting to see how the net reorganizes itself. Will disparate 2nd-tier sites/services fill the gap in the way they did after Napster was taken down? What will happen to viral advertising briefs in the industry?

Maybe enough of the public will have grown used to their regular video production habits to pay for their own sites and bandwidth, and the next generation of web video sharing will be through light portals with direct links to creators’ own domains. The Coral cache system may then help them in the way it currently helps dug/slashdotted sites.

Here are some more stats from TFA:

Johan Pouwelse, a Delft professor […] reports that 70% of YouTube’s registered users are American and roughly half are under 20 years of age.

The most devoted uploader is Christy Leigh Stewart, a 21-year-old college student who lives near Modesto, Calif., and who has so far uploaded nearly 2,000 videos. Nearly all involve Korean pop music…