Flash Beer

September 14, 2006

Although they should really spell it Flashbeer for authenticity, Y&R Australia has followed up their award-winning ‘Big Ad‘ for Carlton Draught with this parody of Flashdance. It requires you to trust a video-streaming applet which then plays the spot full-screen on your computer. The quality was amazingly good when I saw it, although some might not be comfortable with a website video taking over their computer at work.

As for the spot, well. Not a superb idea, but very charming in its execution.


Ads for Tekken 5

September 12, 2006

Over at Campaign Brief Australia:
Whybin’s Risque all with Tekken ads for Playstation

The game is just for the Playstation Portable, actually. There’s a YouTube video, print, and a funny personal/adult classifieds placement over at the originating article. The above video is meant to be shown on late night TV, and would probably be quite funny to see when half-asleep.

Ad Blast #1

September 7, 2006

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TED Talks now on Google Video

September 7, 2006

The TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) conference’s legendary “TED Talks” series of speeches and presentations are now available through Google Video. Here is a link to the announcement on the official Google Blog.

This should be a valuable resource for any thinking person, and one I’m particularly excited to see is Al Gore’s speech on global warming, the subject matter of the film, An Inconvenient Truth.

The first batch of eight include Al Gore’s compelling story of climate crisis; Hans Rosling’s inspired interpretation of global public health statistics; Sir Ken Robinson’s vision for an education system that values creativity; MacArthur Foundation prize-winner Majora Carter’s commitment to environmental justice; storyteller Julia Sweeney’s quest for a sensible faith; architect Joshua Prince-Ramus’ tour of the new Seattle Public Library; Tony Robbins’ roadmap for human potential; and David Pogue’s unforgettable technology-inspired show tunes.

iGallop ad

September 6, 2006

This “health” product by OSIM has been out for awhile, as has this commercial, but I’ve only just noticed the critical mass of videos tagged ‘iGallop’ on YouTube (42). Lots of phonecam videos of people trying it out in stores and so on. AdRants has noted a striking similarity with the Sybian device, something that also occurred to my filthy mind within a nanosecond of seeing it.

Anyway, if you don’t want to load the whole video, the iGallop is a device for women to ride upon, simulating a nice jaunty trot on the back of a horse down in the countryside. It helps them lose weight and flab off those thighs, don’t you know.

Here’s an article on it at TMZ.com.

German Is Hot, not

September 6, 2006

BoingBoing reported yesterday that a German white supremacist group made some crude posters declaring that “German is Hot!”, over a picture of a beautiful semi-naked teenager who turned out to be Czech. The group used her photos without permission, and now the girl (identified to be “Jaimy” from soft-porn site, Sweet Natural Girl), is seeking damages. All in all, the event is probably generating tons of impressions on her sweet, hot pink site. [via AdRants]

Dummy Copy Blooper

September 5, 2006

An observant rag reader noticed that Star Magazine’s website let loose a story about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi being involved in a car crash… before they had the story. The article online was just a file photo and Lorem Ipsum dummy copy.

Remember to proof your work twice today, kids!


Kate Moss!

September 5, 2006

Who cares about Banksy tampering with Paris Hilton CDs, putting out a ho-hum message that wasn’t news to anyone? Who cares about opportunistic Johnny Walker ads in bombed-out Lebanon?

My friends, today we have something better to report in adland: Kate Moss in lingerie.

She’s scheduled to appear in 4 shorts for Agent Provocateur, delivered over their website. The first is out now. The third will have her going naked. Well, that isn’t news either for Kate, but goddamned if it isn’t going to be an interesting wait. They were shot by Mike Figgis.

Agent Provocateur site [via AdLand]

An email is pleading on the Campaign Brief (Aus) blog to be passed around amongst copywriters and Creatives, so that it can rally together a movement to save the written word in advertising. Whatever. I think it would help if credited writer Titus Upputuru (tragic-heroic name alert!) actually wrote this cry for help a little better. Some googling reveals that he is Creative Director for Copy(!) at O&M, India. Still, it’s a message that can’t be repeated enough. We need to keep Print and Copy relevant, now more than ever.

An open letter to advertising copyrwiters(sic) throughout the region, from Titus Upputuru, from WordSociety, New Delhi, India:

This letter is from one Copywriter to another.

I was going through the results of the award shows this year and
was saddened to notice a death.

The Word has almost disappeared.

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A committed individual has modelled FLW’s Kaufmann House in 3D using the map development tools provided with (the game) Half-Life 2. The results, seen in the YouTube video above or in high-res WMV here, put most architectural visualizations to shame. One comment on YouTube expresses a desire to see long-destroyed architecture rendered in a similar fashion.

More on this at the UCL Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis’ blog:

Using the Source Engine, as opposed to more traditional Architectural Software, allows the use of dynamic lighting and a real-time walkthrough of the scene in high resolution. The movie demonstrates the quality of Half Life for visualisation using both a standard walkthrough and half way through a fly-through using the Half Life ‘Noclip’ option.