GM’s ‘flying car’ virals

September 14, 2006

The verdict… nice effects, lame acting and distribution. Check out the YouTube descriptions on these shakycam videos where flying cars zoom past in the middle of someone’s home-moviemaking. They completely destroy the illusion of reality that these spots needed.

Um… whoa. Watch until the end for the flying cars. This is craziness. We took this video on the way to Vegas (I’m the guy in the back, actually) and I swear I almost wet my pants. We saw some film crews up the freeway from this spot, so, I’m guessing they were filming a movie or a commercial, but a little warning would have been nice. Also, there were no wires or anything… so I don’t know if these are real vehicles or not. If they are, I want one, though.

Two more after jump. [via leftlanenews]


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