Branded Out / Bonfire of the Brands

August 30, 2006

One man’s attempt to live a logo-less lifestyle.

Over at the BBC website, writer Neil Boorman has an op/ed piece about why he’s about to burn every “branded” item in his possession, after living in worship of them all his life. While no means a new form of panic attack (I’ve had friends hold garage sales out of materialist guilt), I have a gut feeling that the industry can’t withstand too many influencers turning on them right now.

We live in an age where thought-meddling goes far beyond what our parents went through. Street teams, faux-citizen media, briefs for “viral” amateur spots, fictional groups/associations/institutions/revolutions in service of brands are building to a head for which there is no precedent. The smart ones among us have to be ready with a battleplan for the day when consumers realize that none of their peers can be trusted for product insight, and shut us communicators out completely.

That said, I don’t blame anyone for the state of brand marketing today. One cannot expect corporations to exercise restraint any more than one can expect individuals to keep details of their every lunch and girls’ night out off the internet. We just have to have the foresight to see the consequences, just as individuals must.

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