Singaporean celebrity ad pushes boundaries of taste

August 24, 2006

Zoe Tay Swallows

Copy: My secret to beautiful skin? I swallow. — Zoe Tay

Product is a beautifying supplement in pill form. In Singapore, the actress is the equivalent of a Catherine Zeta Jones type A-list star. It’s hard to believe that she or her handlers approved this ad before it ran.

Any info on the parties responsible can be left in the comments.

Agency: Karmarama, London.


9 Responses to “Singaporean celebrity ad pushes boundaries of taste”

  1. AK said

    It’s definitely sucking.

  2. bizwriter said

    Well… as is widely known, sex sells -or, at least, draws attention to the ad…

  3. i wouldn't mind! said

    Well her husband (an air force pilot) is in his mid 30’s and balding. Must be all that sucking and swallowing.

  4. Volar said

    “In Singapore, the actress is the equivalent of a Catherine Zeta Jones type A-list star.”

    You must be kidding to compare Zoe Tay with Catherine Zeta-Jones. The latter has class, the former is just crass.

  5. I’m not an expert on Singapore’s star ecology; I was just informed that she is(was) an A-list type.

  6. Jonathan said

    She’s an unjustified A-list with no substance, what can we remember her for in recent years?

  7. Zoe suc,she never know the meaning of it b4 embarking on this adv.
    But i must tell you secretly…swallow it down can’t be wrong for any girls who love him dearly,it is very fulfilling,superd and nice,try it the next time.
    c h e e r !

  8. The Swallow says said

    Hi guys,
    I admire Zoe for this recent ad. She mentioned my pretty name in the pubic…opps public. Well, she must have missed me alot, saying my name “I swallow”…..but she missed out the 3rd word staring with S and ends with M. haha….

  9. Gosh said

    The unpopularity of this ad lies with the celebrity in question. She’s a has-been and a lousy actress. Her popularity is taking a big dive and her notable achievements were more than 10 years old.

    It’s time for her to just get lost.

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